Installing shopstory on contentful asks for access token and canvas url - contentful

I'm trying to install shopstory on contentful but I'm stuck at the step where I'm asked to provide a canvas URL and a shopstory access token.
I visited the website but could not find any hits as to how I would get those two details.
I wrote to the shopstory team some time ago but no responses so far.
Has anyone ever successfully installed this app on contentful?
If yes, how did you get these two details?

You must contact the Shopstory team to get an access token. The Canvas URL is a link to the page where the canvas will be rendered.
Here is a link to the documentation.


MERN - Successfully POSTs a blog post to the DB but when I refresh the page it gives 404

I am a beginner and followed a youtube video for creating a blog using MERN.
I am trying to configure it, but the problem is once a user clicks 'write' and adds a blog post to the homepage it will say 'not found' even though it successfully updates the DB, after replacing the window so I then have to back to the homepage and click on the post which is the exact same link the window is trying to replace, then for example once I refresh the post it gives me 404...
Is this a deployment issue? As I am currently only testing it on a free version of render, or is this a complete different problem? I will link the page now and it's just for testing purposes so it's not responsive on mobile or anything.
Thank you.

How can I sign in to Google inside a Chrome Extension browser_action?

I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible so that it can be a resource for other people in the same situation.
How can I sign in inside of a chrome extension, which is not a hosted web server?
I seem to get an error “Invalid Cookie Policy” whether I use both the button approach or gapi.load(‘auth2’) followed by gapi.auth2.init(), regardless of including client_id in <meta>, manifest.json, and init
If anyone can get it working (sign in and id_token, not the auth token), please leave an answer!
Thank you
I have followed this tutorial from official Chrome Documentation and had no problem

Is it possible to access a friends Instagram pictures without his access_token?

I heard that Instagram recently changed their APIs and I have a related question to that.
Let's assume I would like to build an "Instagram feed app of people I follow". So this app would just show me the pictures of all people I follow. From what I understand this would be possible, but I would always have same manual effort:
From the Instagram developer website I understand that I need the access_token from all my friends.
Do I understand that correctly?
This would mean every time I follow someone new, I would have to get his/her access_token manually and add it into my app.
Do I understand this correctly or is there a programmatic/automated way to get the needed access_token from the new followed person?
Yes, you are correct. This is not possible at the moment. I'm not sure how you would get the access token of friends. You would have to have them login as well. BTW: This seems to be the way facebook is going (since they now control Instagram). They require that both friends have authorized your app and then they will list their followers.

Issue with commenting on Facebook posts with api

I'm a beginner on Facebook API but after reading up and understanding whatever I could I'm still stuck because I can't find any good documentation that is not outdated.
I'm trying to comment on my own post and I keep getting this error:
Publishing comments through the API is only available for page access tokens
I do understand that I require a page access token for the latest version of the API but even after getting the page access token I'm still facing this issue.
Here is a screenshot of my graph API explorer
Here I first clicked on get user access token and gave it all possible permissions. After that I clicked on get page access token and then tried to post the comment.
Note: The post was made by my ID and is visible only to me, I am sure that the user ID and post ID is correct because I am able to view its details
I also tried it using python with the token ID above and this code.
import facebook
graph = facebook.GraphAPI(access_token=token_id)
#This does give me the post details
#print (graph.get_object(id = my_id +'_10214865328931217'))
graph.put_object(parent_object=my_id+'_10214865328931217',connection_name='comments', message='Test')
But I still get the same error. Seems like there is something about the way page access tokens work that I do not understand.

Browser Said Invalid Request When I Tried to Access a Picture of Instagram

Recently, I wrote an app to synchronize photos in my Instagram to another platform. The GET /v1/users/self/media/recent?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN result should contains the links to my pictures, like,
and it went very well. But today after clicking the link, it told me Invalid Request. I'm not sure what happened to this cdn link. Any hints would be appreciated.