My python program for sending emails isnt working - python-3.x

Hello i am trying to send a email usiing the code below but this error pops up:
here are the errors
here is my codes (i have tried several and none work) ihave also tried diffrent ports like 25 and 465 but nothing works please help me
the formmating for this site to post code is werid so i took a screen shot instead here is the screenshot:
I would hope that the email gets sent i am using codecademy to code it so i dont know if they have this servce blocked or something?


Receiving “(my app name) isn't responding right now. Please try again soon” on Actions on google

Keep receiving “(my app name) isn't responding right now. Please try again soon” on my actions on google simulator, I’ve tried almost all the solution that I found on the internet and ended up with this, I decided to copy the code from google it works just the permission one , for the permission handler it doesn’t work it seems like if I do not put the default response in dialogflow It wouldn’t work so I don’t want that default response because it keeps saying that response, and when I removed it , it gave me an error ,but in the debug tap it shows everything(display name, location etc.)

Outlook API error Invalid OData type specified: Microsoft.OutlookServices.FileAttachment

We have a function set up to send emails via Outlook from our web app and it's been working great, but suddenly this morning my email inbox is flooded with errors from our system saying it couldn't send the email with outlook because of a bad request. The errors all look like this:
{"error":{"code":"BadRequest","message":"Invalid OData type specified: \"Microsoft.OutlookServices.FileAttachment\"","innerError":{"date":"2021-07-02T05:43:00","request-id":"XXX","client-request-id":"XXX"}}}
As I say it was working yesterday, but now it's not. And a lot of these don't have specific attachments outside of the embedded header image, which has not been changed since it was working.
Any suggestions on reasons for the error?
OK so I figured this out. For some reason our attachments were still set as '#Microsoft.OutlookServices.FileAttachment' for the data type. I changed this to 'microsoft.graph.fileAttachment' and it is now working again. I don't know why it decided to force a change over today, but I'll leave this question and answer up in case someone else has the same problem.

Gmail not receiving my mails anymore after accidental massive send (10k+)

I messed up something on my code and made my server send 10k+ emails to my own email address last night.
After receiving ~8k this morning, I barely haven't received any mail in the last 8 hours besides sometimes one of the automated ones at a rate of ~10/hour.
Has anyone already experienced this?
I haven't found how to tell gmail about this. Nowhere I have a message saying "your mailbox is slowed down because of abusing use" or something.
Can anyone help or should I wait and go on vacation for a few days?
Thanks for the help. To add more details:
Those emails have been sent from a non-gmail SMTP server, say to, which I automatically redirect to
I thought at first that the problem was coming from the mail server, but it happens this parts works very well for sending and receiving for any other
My emails sent from are also sent. It is only to receive a mail in inbox that it won't work.
This makes me guess that this is not a SPAM-filtering issue, since sending works fine.
#bearacuda13, there ain't much code to show. The sequence of failures are:
A delayed_job that calls itself recursively every hour, silently increasing the number of jobs in the database, without any error
A heroku API sunset that starts to make them fail all at once.
An exception mailer to tell me about the exception raised
Done :)
Try to see if you've been added to a blacklist. If you have, it's a serious pain to get off of those lists.
When you send mail, it gets routed through several areas on the internet before winding up in your gmail. Any of those routes has the possibility to flag and blacklist emails from someone they think is a spammer. If you're sending 10k emails in an hour, you've probably triggered the "spammer" criteria.
To get off the lists, you need to contact the organization that has blacklisted you. It might be easier to get a new static IP or domain name.
So the solution has been to wait. In 24 hours I still had not received them all, but at got some message:
which made me feel like messages were on their way.
48 hours later, I now have the feeling I caught up with all my emails.
If this occurs to you, be patient!

Skype Echo Bot for NodeJS: Messages Not Appearing in Skype App

I am following this Echo Bot Tutorial, and have gone through all of the basic steps regarding setup and registration. I am following the steps (near the bottom) regarding local testing, and have been using ngrok successfully.
I was able to add my Skype Bot as a contact, and I also have the latest version of the Skype app (Mac). When I send a message to the bot via the Skype app, I see the message appear in the debug notes in my terminal window. So I know that the messages I type are coming through.
I also see this:
skype-sdk.MessagingServiceClientV2 Sending message to 8:username with content Hey 8:username. Thank you for your message: "test".
However, I do not see any kind of reply in my Skype application. My expectation is that the bot would echo back my message to me.
My questions are:
1) When testing locally using the ngrok method described in the tutorial, should I be able to see activity from the Skype bot (in terms of messages to me)?
2) I am guessing this may be some an authentication issue? How can I best troubleshoot things, and get the Skype bot to actually respond in the Skype app?
I feel like I am incredibly close to getting this working, in that the messages I send are coming through... but the messages I expect from the Skype bot are not coming through. Any help or ideas greatly appreciated!
Found the fix, and posting it here should anyone else run into the same issue.
During the setup process, when I was using the Application Registration Portal, I selected the wrong string as my Application Secret.
Originally, I clicked on Generate New Key Pair, which resulted in a new entry appearing in the admin labeled Private Key. I used this string as my App Secret.
However, it appears that what I should have done was click on Generate New Password and used *that string instead**. Just gave it a try, and my bot is now responding back to me locally (in the Skype app), when testing with ngrok.
I think this particular distinction could have been made clearer in the documentation, as I lost a great deal of time due to this one oversight. Oh well, at least I can start developing now...

apps script not found error

I had the snooze app script working on gmail for some time but it seems that after converting to google drive, the spreadsheet vanished (not in trash) and I get emails every night telling me that my script "Not Found" failed to finish successfully etc etc.
The Error message is that a server error occurred - not particularly informative and any attempt to view triggers results in the same error.
Is there any way to get rid of these messages apart from setting up some kind of filter which is counter intuitive as if I decide to run other scripts I may want to see the output.
Darren, can you please raise this on the Apps Script issue tracker: If possible, please also let us know in the issue tracker request what the email address is where you're receiving the failure notification email.