How to create custom search bar with autocomplete for the map using mapBox? - search

Cant find any way how to connect custom input with the mapBoxGeocoder and its autocomplete.
Dont want to write my own autocomplete with fetch data or use listener on custom input to paste value in maps control. Is there any built in ways ?
I checked API docs, but there they connect controls to directly to map and do not provide any connection to custom input.


Lotus notes picklist auto positioning

In lotus notes 6.5.6 i want to do this:
select one document in a view and then i run an agent that show me a view(with picklist method) and I want the cursor should reach on a specific view entry based on and original's selected document field. it's possible ?
i know this is possible with prompt method specifying the 'default' parameter but i can't use this method because i have to propose a view and not a list of values.... it's possible to do this ? I want to see all entry in the view so i can't use SingleCategory
Unfortunately this is not possible, not even in Version 9 (that is a little newer than your Version from 2008).
You might be successfull by using the API to send keystrokes, but as you do not have an event that fires when the Picklist- Window opens it is very unlikely that you could place the keystroke- sending code anywhere.

Xpages Dojo Data Grid - Client Side Sorting

I want to be able to get the data and sort it in-memory. I am able to get JSON data using Now my question is how do I store it in memory and do in-memry sorting when I click on Dojo Datagrid headers. From what I have searched so far, it is not possible to sort the datagrid in-memory/client-side as it will request the sorted data from my Rest Service. As it is custom rest service, I am not able to sort the data on server side (or is it possible?).
Thanks in advance.
Outside of XPages, you should be able to set an attribute of the grid to do this -- clientSort: true
However, this doesn't seem to take effect within XPages. I tried the following, with no success:
Adding a clientSort attribute with a value of true to the grid control (via the Dojo tab). The attribute showed up in the right place in the page source, but had no effect. (Programmatically checking the property returned a value of undefined.
Setting [grid].clientSort = true on the onClientLoad event of the page. When checked programmatically, the property would show that it is now set to true, but it had no effect.
I even tried adding it to a grid created programmatically (without the Dojo Data Grid control) and it had no effect.
It appears that either XPages is wiping out the attribute or that it just doesn't work within XPages with a remote data source. (My first two attempts used a REST service. My third attempt used a remote XML data source.)
I still think it's worth attempting to see whether it works with a local data source (like a read-write item store), but I have not had a chance to try that yet.

Dynamic list element in MvxDialogViewController

We have a dialog inheriting MvxDialogViewController containing two Sections - TheRadios and TheList.
In response to the user changing the radio within TheRadios, we repopulate TheList (in the view model).
How can we bind a Section of a MvxDialogViewController to a dynamic list?
Looking through all the mvvmcross samples I couldn't find an example of this being done. I considered inserting a MvxActionBasedTableViewSource into the relevant Section's TableView but the property is null.
If you do want to bind a list within a Dialog section to a list, then I believe this extension may help you -
I'm afraid it is for vNext rather than v3 currently, but I think it should port very easily - I think the only changes needed would be just a few namespace changes (if you do port it, then please send them a pull request with the changes)
it is open source, so it may give you alternative ideas
you could consider using a custom or manual binding to INotifyPropertyChanged in order to achieve the table changes you are looking to achieve

Is there Java/SSJS equivalent of #AttachmentModifiedTimes?

I want to show list of attachments and FileDownload control is not an option (need custom actions for every file).
To get name and size of attachments there are properties of EmbeddedObject. AFAIK, to get modified time of attachment there is only one option: to use pure #Formula, either via session.evaluate or view containing column with #AttachmentModifiedTimes.
Is there a way (Java/SSJS) to get attachment's modified (and created) time without native #Formulas? That means date stored with file shown in document properties for $FILE item.
You can add a Repeat Control to the page and bind that to the attachments (stored in a rich text field) using document1.getAttachmentList("rt_field_name"). Every item in that list is an object of class$AttachmentValueHolder
That class has a getLastModified() method that returns the last modified time as a Double.
A couldn't find a reference on the web showing the full API, but if you use the API Inspector in the XPage Debug Toolbar (sorry for the shameless plug...) you can view all properties and methods using:
getComponent( 'id_of_repeat_control' ).getDataModel().getRowData()
Found the API here,
I am not 100% sure what you want to achieve.
In general you can use #AttachmentModifiedTimes() - as well as #AttachmentNames() - as SSJS.

How to perform a simple search on Dojo DataGrid

For a project, I had to swictch from DataTable jquery plugin to Dojo.
Dojo is great and everything works fine !
But, I miss the dataTable's simple search form (
I know that Dojo have the Filter plugin which could make that, but it's not simple, for the users, as the dataTable input field (at less two more click for a global search on a table :/).
I search all the web but i couldn't find an exemple with it :/
If someone has a clue ?
This depends on what kind of backend data store you are using to power your grid.
It's usually just a simple matter of calling grid.setQuery({name: "FooBar" , ignoreCase: true });
But lets say you are using an [AndOrReadStore][1], rather than a simple ItemFileReadStore, then you might specify the columsToQuery and the columnValue as well.
Remmber, you always query your grid not the store. The grid will pass the query on to the store.
So, to do what you want, just create a new input on your page. Capture key presses or onchange, and then query your grid accordingly. This will filter results that don't match.
The reason why you might use query, is because if your store is powered from the server, it will make sure to requery the backend.
However, if your grid is entirely loaded in memory, then you can do client side filtering by using filter().