How to add searchable field in Drupal 9 backend - search

In my Drupal 9 dashboard I can search different content based on following field:
I want to add one more field, let's suppose "name" field, where I want to search all names. How I can add one more field here?

Its a view and you can configure it. GoTo /admin/structure/views/view/content and add filters on the left bottom side.


Gravity forms - merging values

Need some help with Gravity forms. I need to have a field, that is a merge of values ,that user has previously selected.
So, if a user has selected 3 different fields wth values of 1)XYY, 2)YYX,3)YYZ I do not need a sum, just a plain merge, in form of XYY.YYX.YYZ, or anything like that.
Could that be acomplised with some merging tags, or dynamically population?
Of course;
You should create two different forms.
Collect data with field1-field2-field3, they can be single line text, number, date or anything. In the advanced tab of field settings, write a parameter name for each one, like field1-field2-field3.
In the second form create a single line text, in the advanced tab of field settings check "dynamically populate field" and write your parameters like field1.field2.field3.
In form1 settings->confirmations->redirect URL line, write your form2 page url where you added form2. Select "Pass field data via query string" and add your parameters like field1={fieldname:1}&field2={fieldname:2}&field3={fieldname:3}
When you submit form1, your form2->single line text field will capture the parameters as you wish.
This is possible with Gravity Forms Populate Anything by...
Add whatever type of field you'd like to use to capture the combined.
Set the Default Value to the merge tags of your 3 fields: #{Field A:1}.#{Field B:2}.#{Field C:3}.
That's it.
Edit: Updated screenshot for Gravity Forms 2.5 and updated merge tags to use the # to make them "live".

Displaying items with certain custom field value in Netsuite

Is there a way to display or filter (by editing a Template) all the products that match a certain Custom Field parameter (in example "custitem_outlet)"?
I have already added on the Netsuite backend these custom fields as checkboxes.
I would like to show the items on different Lists, in example one list will show the items with "custitem_outlet" checked and the other with "custitem_arrivals" checked.
Thanks in advance!

How to conditionally hide a field in a drupal view?

I have two fields that I want to render but I only want the second one to display when the first one is empty. Short of overriding the field in a template file, can I do this using functionality in the built in views functionality?
For views 3 , drupal 7
Desired output - Show field1 if field2 is empty.
Add both fields to view in field1, field2 order and select field1 checkbox "exclude from display".
Go to field2 and configure "Show No results behavior". Add field1 replacement pattern e.g [field1] and select "Count the number 0 as empty" , "Hide if empty" and "Hide rewriting if empty".
Now this will produce if else functionality for these two fields.
Add the field that you want to show. Select "exclude from display".
Add the field that you want to control if you show the previous one. Select "rewrite output". Use the token replacement for showing the previous field. Mark "Hide if empty"
There is no three.
PS: Quoted option texts may be not the right ones (I'm looking at a translated site), but you get the idea.
I would normally use the views_customfield module for this kind of thing. Add a third field to your view that is a php customfield, and exclude your second field from display. You can then write a really quick PHP snippet in the customfield that checks to see if the first field is empty and prints out the second field if it is.
You can do this easily by the following steps (I've tried it in drupal 7):
Add both fields
make the first one invisible (exclude from display)
in the second field go to no result behavior tab.
write the token of the first field (example: [field_name]).
It should work, I hope it will work with you
My solution for showing field_1 for English version and field_2 for translated version:
With use of panels:
Make two copies of the view by adding another display to the view.
In the original view display you remove or exclude from display field_2, in the second display you remove field_1.
In your panel you add both of your view displays as a panel panes.
For the first view display pane add Visibility rule -> User:language -> English.
For the second view display pane add Visibility rule -> User:language -> Your_second_language.
It looks complicated, but it's really simple for people familiar with panels and views.
This solution requires no code changing nor knowledge of theming.
You can kind of massage it into working with contemplate. You could do something like this:
if(empty($node->field_foo[0]['view'])){ ?>
<?php print $node->field_bar[0]['view'] ?>
<?php } ?>

Sharepoint 2007 : How to disable TextBox

I am new to sharepoint 2007. I have a following requirement.
1) I would to create a custom list for employee where they can select the item and fill-out the form and submit.
Example : List --> Hard Disk --> Click --> Create new list -->
List has following fields 1) EmpID 2) Customer name (Text) , 3) Order Date, 4) Qty 5) Price
Once user submit the list then I would like to disable the EMPID field and allow same user to edit the other fields if required.
How can I disable the text field (Empid) in the Sharepoint 2007 ? I would appreciate any other alternate or better idea.
I would use jQuery for this purpose. Here is an example that describes how to hide a text field on a SharePoint form. Change the .hide() to .attr('disabled','disabled') and this will disable the text field.
If you need help with deploying jQuery, see this question.
I am not sure its a better idea or not, but for that i used to do for this common scenario
fist identify the textbox id in html source (through web browser view source) after that i wrote javascript function to disable textboxes i.e. EMPID or we can do through style sheet and apply style using javascript..
You can create multiple content types for the same list. Have the user fill out the content type that contains the EmpID field (put a link in the LeftNav that sends them to NewItem.aspx with the proper ContentTypeId). Make the default content type the one without the EmpID, so when they go back in and edit they won't see that EmpID field.
The downside to this is that they'll see both content types in the New button dropdown. You can name them in a way that makes sense (New Hard Disk Order, Edit Hard Disk Order)

Drupal Views: filtering on a cck field?

Content type Events has intro, body and an "event date" field (using Date module). In the Page View I'd like to filter nodes so that only items with an "event date" in the future appear.
Problem is, when I try to add a filter field, this "event date" does not appear in the list.
Is what I'm trying to do possible? Seems simple enough yet I dont see this field, even after clearing all caches etc.
Select the Date: Date (node) filter type. When you select it, the next screen will prompt for which CCK fields to filter by. That's where you'll need to select the event date field.
I got the answer finally , the perfect one and the right one
for views filter content date
extra one module views_attach that enable your content and profile to add with views and allow more solution for you
filter [+] then
from the group selection , select date
then date [node]
then, u show the list of criteria follow steps
then update and save ...
No this is wrong one
filter - > group -> content -> here field which create in content type cck date , must be shown.....