I am working on chromium source code I have successfully added search engine in search engines list but I don't know how to make that search engine as default like google....
If anyone has some experience in chromium source code he can help me please I'll be very thankful to him


How to get data from a website that can only be viewed in chrome

I'm trying to automate a way to pull data from a website but that website only allows me to view in chrome, firefox, safari, or opera.
I added the url into excel to power query but I'm not able to get the data I'm looking for as I get this error message below.
Any suggestions or recommendations are highly appreciated.
web address wont work with ie
You can use Selenium Basic. It will require the end user to have that framework installed, but works like a charm when Internet Explorer and MSXML aren't an option (if MSXML works, that would be preferable as it is the fastest way to retrieve data - you can find examples and explanations here as recommended by QHarr).
Note: you'll also have to update the driver that originally comes with the framework installation (you can get the latest driver for chrome here and the file to be replaced can be found in the root folder of Selenium Basic's installation C:\Users\%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\SeleniumBasic).
You'll have to select the appropriate reference within the VBA IDE: "Selenium Type Driver" and then the code goes like this:
Public Sub SeleniumImplementation()
Dim driver As New Selenium.WebDriver ' in older versions was SeleniumWrapper.WebDriver
'Late binding would be:
'Dim driver As Object
'Set driver = CreateObject("Selenium.WebDriver")
driver.start "chrome", "" "/politics"
End Sub
You should be able to get the rest of the syntax from the autocomplete and object browser and you can take a look at more code examples here.
If Chrome is too slow, you can try PhantomJS which comes with Selenium's installation.
(Note: the code is untested.)
If you've already tried on internet explorer and it didn't work I would suggest trying the following function
dim ie as internetexplorermedium
It helps if you have securities on internet explorer. It will make your life much easier if you can use that instead.

Kentico 10 Preview Links and Bundled CSS

We would like to use the Show Preview link via the General tab to share a link to an unpublished page for review. Unfortunately, the page generated seems unable to resolve the bundled .css and javascript and generates 404s for those files.
Anyone know of a way for the preview pages to resolve the bundled css properly?
If your links are not resolving then you have incorrect or invalid syntax in your CSS.
Regarding turning off minimization and it working further confirms your syntax is not correct. The minimization engine fails when it finds incorrect syntax.
To check this turn on minimization and load a page. Download the CSS from the source and look at the last line. There will be an error in the CSS if it has failed to minimize.

Google showing source code

I would like to know why google is showing source code for my site.
Search Google
The site is created in the PHP - Lithium framework. This happened when I added g11n support for language translations.
It usually shows the source of the file
It is showing that code because at the time the page was crawled it was displaying an error, along with a stacktrace and this is what Google indexed.

Offer to change the default search engine for the omnibar

I'm looking to offer the user (inside my Chrome Extension) the option to change their Omnibox default search engine.
Sadly, I've been unable to find any documentation on how to do something like this. Has anyone does this before successfully?
Actually with new versions of chrome it's possible through chrome API via settings_override section. But for now it's working only on windows.
Not possible, sadly. See this bug filed in Chromium

Is the same htm source edit extension available on windows?

I'm looking for the chrome extension that allows you to edit html source and instantly view the result. See the screenshot for mac, perhaps there is no such software available for windows version of chrome, but I would appreciate the mac version reference too.
There is already this kind of tool built in to Chrome. If you right click on HTML page and select "Inspect Element" you can make your changes and Chrome will update itself automaticly.
If you don't like this feature however and want one that looks beter, check out this link. I'm almost certain there will be some results that you like.
I'm terribly sorry, this is NOT a chrome plugin, but node.js application and this is really good one see the screen