How can i post data using this code below and also tell user to wait while sending message - vb4android

Iam currently using b4a for android
here is the error which comes
enter code here
',' expected.`enter code here`
enter code here
Dim j As HttpJob
j.Initialize("", Me)
j.PostString($"${act}&s=${edtMessage.Text}&d=${getdate(DateTime.Now)}&id=${NewID}&ph=${phone}&f=${sx}"$ )
Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob)
If j.Success Then
End If
enter code here

You are using j.PostString which sends a post request. However, you are not using it correctly. j.PostString requires a second parameter: the post data. B4A expects you to put in a comma and the second paramter after the url, but you are only giving 1 parameter (the url) to the function. However, looking at your URL, it seems like your backend is handling stuff through GET requests only anyway, not POST. So really, what you should be using is j.Download. Try this code:
Dim j As HttpJob
j.Initialize("", Me)
Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob)
If j.Success Then
End If
It's exactly the same, but it uses Download instead of PostString.


Bad Request Error when creating a JSON String from a string and a variable

Hello I'm currently sitting on a problem, thats completely baffling me. I am trying to create a REST API for our companies robot and want the user to be able to post an already created mission to it via a GUI with this function:
def post_mission(host, headers):
data = json.dumps({'mission_id': item_selected.variable})
data = data.replace('"',"'")
url= "mission_queue"
post_mission = + url, json = data, headers = headers)
this gives me a #400 Bad Request error...
however when I replace the data = json.dumps({'mission_id': item_selected.variable}) line with data = {'mission_id': '68754b18-bb1f-11e8-954d-94c691173c1e'} (aka don't take the mission_id I sourced via a textbox where the User is able to search for his desired mission but manually insert it) everything works fine and whats even more bizarre if I use print(host + url, data, headers) for both Code versions it spits out the EXACT same text
I hope this is understandable and someone else has an idea where I'm wrong
I guess you don't have to replace double quote with single quote.

How do you get the response as a string using the http_url_get method in rpg

Good day,
I am trying to consume a get method on a server hosted locally.
rc = http_url_get('http://sss:13013/cgi-bi/sendms?'
+ 'username=cous&pas'
+ 'to=' + vCell + '&text=' + %TRIM(vSMSText):
I am using a library called HTTPAPI its from
I am trying to figure out how to get the response of the call as a string.
The Variable rc contains a integer response code but no response, I am assuming it gets downloaded to the /tmp/httptest.html parameter specified. But I want it as a string as I want to process the response as a string. I do not know if there is a extra parameter that I can use to store the result of the call.
I have tried the http_string method but I get an error that the method is undefined, I think the my client is using an old version of the HTTPAPI lib.
Is it possible to use the http_url_get function to return the response as a string?.
if you want to get a string response, use Klement's HTTP_req(). It is flexible enough to get a file or a string (and use a file or a string to send a request). You can play with *omit to select the way you can make a GET (on other actions).

HypRetrieve not retrieving correct status code

I have two databases that I need to connect to. One is in Hyperion and the other one is in ESS. I have imported the smartview.bas as stated by the documentation and I am attempting to use the functions within it. I have dummy sheets (SavedLogHyperion and SavedLogESS) for each enviroment to make sure the users logs in before running all the code. I want to retrieve the proper error code if the user closes the window without logging or other things that may prevent the successful login.
The HypRetrieve only acknowledge for the first result: if the user was able to log to Hyperion environment, but if ESS login window is cancelled or provided with non-valid credentials and then closed, it detects the code as 0 ("Ok"), thus detecting a successful login for the second environment when it was not.
I wrote a function to retrieve the number, I thought that it could be a time thing and that is why I made it (so for the main code could resolve on time), but it seems like it is not.
Function Return_NumCodeSVHypRetrieve(VarTxtSheetToLogin As Variant) As Long
Dim NumCodeHypRetrieve As Long
NumCodeHypRetrieve = HypRetrieve(VarTxtSheetToLogin)
Return_NumCodeSVHypRetrieve = NumCodeHypRetrieve
End Function
This function is called in my main sub
Sub Main()
Dim NumCodeConnectionSheet1 As Long
Dim NumCodeConnectionSheet2 As Long
NumCodeConnectionSheet1 = Return_NumCodeSVHypRetrieve("SavedLogHyperion")
NumCodeConnectionSheet2 = Return_NumCodeSVHypRetrieve("SavedLogESS") 'If I log in "SavedLogHyperion", this variable becomes 0 too, or any other error code that variable had
End Sub
How can I make the correct code according to the sheet attempted to log be correctly saved? I am clueless on what may be the approach
The problem seems to be on how the function works; I noticed that when the function is applied, it activates the sheet, which lead me to believe that there was a problem on timing events, I came with the following solution, which has been basically to provide the scenario that I saw the function is expecting to, also I noticed that if I set the NumCode to retrieve as long as the direct result, it does not behave as expected, my approach was to declare it a variant and then cast it to a long instead.
Function Return_NumCodeSVHypRetrieve(VarTxtSheetToLogin As Variant) As Long
Dim VarNumCode As Variant
'It seems the function relies on the sheet being activated and if the Retrives does it, it takes miliseconds to do, which are not sync with excel life cycle, thus causing missreadings
Sheets(VarTxtSheetToLogin).Visible = True: Sheets(VarTxtSheetToLogin).Select: DoEvents
VarNumCode = HypRetrieve(VarTxtSheetToLogin)
Sheets(VarTxtSheetToLogin).Visible = False
Return_NumCodeSVHypRetrieve = CLng(VarNumCode)
End Function

Integrate GeeTestTask(python3_anticaptcha) with selenium in python3

I have a problem about python3_anticaptcha (api provided by, search on web, find support and try over a month but no luck.
API doc:
I am doing a auto login on a website, and copy the api on anti-captcha's doc:
def runGee(self, challenge):
print("start gee")
# Enter the key to the AntiCaptcha service from your account. Anticaptcha service key.
# обязательные параметры
websiteURL = "https:\/\/"
gt = "2328764cdf162e8e60cc0b04383fef81"
print("challenge:" ,challenge)
# пример работы с GeeTestTask без прокси
result = GeeTestTaskProxyless.GeeTestTaskProxyless(anticaptcha_key=ANTICAPTCHA_KEY,
print("--end gee--")
except Exception as err:
print("--end with error--")
However, the geetask start over 3 minute(or more), and got error everytime. usually error code like:
{'errorId': 34, 'errorCode': 'ERROR_TOKEN_EXPIRED', 'errorDescription': 'Captcha provider
reported that additional variable token has expired.', 'taskId': 1204556667}
{'errorId': 12, 'errorCode': 'ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE', 'errorDescription': ' Captcha
could not be solved by 5 different workers.', 'taskId': 1204060350}
depends on what parameter i passed.
May i know am i passing the right value to geetask? or some wrong on the code?
Moreover, if geetest return the correct value, i need to do any else to pass capcha(or pass code to geetest server) or GeeTestTaskProxyless already done(not to do anything)?
it is extremely hard to me, does anyone had used this api successfully? Thanks
The problem is not in the anticaptcha but in the geetest provider.
The token challenger can only be used once, when your browser loads the geetest captcha it expires the token.
To fix this problem, you only need to block the request that consumes the token in your browser.
go to devtools and add the block for the geestest captcha API in the browser, like this:
You can automatically integrate this into the selenium with the following command:
driver.execute_cdp_cmd('Network.setBlockedURLs', {"urls": [""]})
driver.execute_cdp_cmd('Network.enable', {})
It seems for me that those errors are because of proxy (if you use any) or just bad IP.
Personally, I use another captcha service and I didn't have such problems with it.
I advice you to try it, it's actually much easier:
You should send a request like this one:
What you need to archieve is to get correct answer from it, like this one:
"seccode":"12fe3d4c56789ba01f2e345d6789c012|jordan" }
Then you just need to implement that answer on a site. Just read the first link I gave you.

Clear "pending_update_count" in Telegram Bot

I want to clear all pending_update_count in my bot!
The output of below command :
Obviously I replaced the real API token with xxx
is this :
As you can see, I have 5154 unread updates til now!! ( I'm pretty sure this pending updates are errors! Because no one uses this Bot! It's just a test Bot)
By the way, this pending_update_count number are increasing so fast!
Now that I'm writing this post the number increased 51 and reached to 5205 !
I just want to clear this pending updates.
I'm pretty sure this Bot have been stuck in an infinite loop!
Is there any way to get rid of it?
I also cleared the webhook url. But nothing changed!
The output of getWebhookInfo is this :
"last_error_message":"Wrong response from the webhook: 500 Internal Server Error",
Why I get Wrong response from the webhook: 500 Internal Server Error ?
I think you have two options:
set webhook that do nothing, just say 200 OK to telegram's servers. Telegram wiil send all updates to this url and the queque will be cleared.
disable webhook and after it get updates by using getUpdates method, after it, turn on webhook again
Problem with webhook on your side. You can try to emulate telegram's POST query on your URL.
It can be something like this:
{"message_id":1,"from":{"id":1,"first_name":"FirstName","last_name":"LastName","username":"username"},"chat":{"id":1,"first_name":"FirstName","last_name":"LastName","username":"username","type":"private"},"date":1460957457,"text":"test message"}
You can send this text as a POST query body with PostMan for example, and after it try to debug your backend.
For anyone looking at this in 2020 and beyond, the Telegram API now supports clearing the pending messages via a drop_pending_updates parameter in both setWebhook and deleteWebhook, as per the API documentation.
Just add return 1; at the end of your hook method.
Commonly this happens because of queries delay with the database.
I solved is like this
POST tg.api/bottoken/setWebhook to emtpy "url"
POST tg.api/bottoken/getUpdates
POST tg.api/bottoken/getUpdates with "offset" last update_id appeared before
doing this serveral times
POST tg.api/bottoken/getWebhookInfo
had a look if all away.
POST tg.api/bottoken/setWebhook with filled "url"
If you are using webhook, you can follow these steps
On your web browser, enter the following url with your right value of bot
You will get a result like this on your screen
On the displayed result, copy the entire url_value without quotes and replace it on this second url
Enter the second url with right bot and url_value in your web browser then press ENTER
i solve it by Change file access permissions file - set permissions file to 755
and second increase memory limit in php.ini file
A quick&dirty way is to get a temporary webhook here: and
set your webhook to that (it will answer with a HTTP/200 code everytime, reseting your pending messages to zero)
I faced the same issue for my tele bot after user edited existing message. My bot receives update with editedMessage continuously, but update.hasMessage() was empty. As a result number of updates rocketly increased and my bot stack.
I solved this issue by adding handling for use case when message is missing - send 200 code:
public APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent handleRequest(APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent event, Context context) {
update = MAPPER.readValue(event.getBody(), Update.class);
if (!update.hasMessage()) {
return new APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent()
.withStatusCode(200) // -> !!!!!! return code 200
.withBody("message is missing")
... ... ...