playwright Chromium browser not installed in heroku platform while deploying meteor app - node.js

We are deploying meteor app with nodejs in heroku platform.
After deploying the app getting following error
after installed following command
npx playwright install.
But still same issue can anyone facing like this issue or give guidance thanks


create-react-app ; aborting installation while creating react app in windows 11 after installing node js

I installed node js and create-react-app in my system and while performing the command to create the startup react project, i performed, npx create-react-app <projectname> command. But it failed all the time and i don't know how to proceed with this and i tried some of the already available solutions and nothing worked and i don't know how to proceed with this. I have attached the screenshot of the error. Have a look at it and help me with the solution.
Thanks in advance !!!

Cannot find module 'yargs' error while deploying node.js app to google cloud platform

I am trying to deploy my node.js application to google cloud and my package.json includes the yargs as dependencies.
And when I deploy the app to google cloud and after that I am getting error can't find module yargs in google cloud platform logs.
How can I solve the above issue?
i had this problem too. all you need to do is installing 'yargs' locally by
npm init
npm i yargs --save
you can see the complete guide here

NodeJS server and React app can't use the same version of Node

Here is my problem and it might be super simple to fix, but I am new to the world of web technologies.
I have a react app that is running using node version 10.0.0. I am using npm n as my node version manager, and I am using n stable as my version selector.
When I try to run the NodeJS server that is supposed to accompany it, it fails when I try to run it with node version 10. I have to go back to version 4.9.1, so I can run the server without any problems.
Has anyone else faced this issue or know what it could be? If I go to a newer version of node I get a Bindings.js npm error. If I build my react app with 4.9.1, well that doesn't work at all.
To run both at the same time I have to switch to node version 4.9.1 and then run the nodeJS server, then change to version 10 and build the react app which to me is not how a production build should go.
Any thoughts?

Error while starting a blank app with Ionic framework

I recently installed ionic framework.
My laptop already had GIT, node and npm installed and all of them have been updated to latest.
When running ionic start my IonicApp1 tabs following the Get Started instruction on their website, I ran into the following error and this stopped from creating the app.
Any idea? Thanks!
Ionic recently changed its cli try ionic start myproject blank --type ionic1 for a blank demo app

Google Cloud - nodejs deploy yarn could not be run

When deploying nodejs application in Google Cloud I'm getting attached image error.
I was trying sample nodejs application from below attached url.
yarn will not be installed with Node.js, the default package manager is npm, if you want to use yarn, you need to install it first npm install -g yarn.