Microsoft access Search Box - search

Hello to everyone and happy new year! Back to work!
I am using a search box in microsoft access form where from my selection to return some details.
Also I am using a text frame as control for the user's selection.
My problem is that from the search box waterfall where the data are, the text frames are not updated.
I also attached a screenshot for that I described.
enter image description here
I expect from my selection to update the values of the text-boxes. I already select the right fields from the table. Thank you.


How to filter a powerapps gallery based on previous screen

I'm trying to create an powerapps app for audits. These audits have multiple questions and I want to create a screen where the user can awnser multiple questions in 1 screen. But all questions have to be linked to the audit. So if a question is already filled in it will display the awnser and is able to edit this if needed.
Every question needs to get a grade (1-10) and a description of the awnser.
I already have a detail screen for the audit itself with the base information. idealy i want a button that can go to the questions and fill them in. I'm using multiple sharepoint databases to store the information. So i would like to store the awnsers here as wel. For the awnsers i made a seperate database linked to the audit and the question.
I also have a database for the information of the audit and one for all the questions.
So my question is how do filter a gallery based on the audittitle? and also how do i save this information easily in the sharepoint envoirment
Screenshots could have clarified the problem in a better way, but as much as I could understand from the problem subject, here is a solution to "how-to-filter-a-powerapps-gallery-based-on-previous-screen" :
When you have lots of fields in previous screen which is required for filtering.
You can store the values on previous screen either in a sharepoint list (by submitting the forms from previous screen ) and then fetching them to filter content ( by having a gallery inside a gallery)
When you have less number of fields.
You can simply store the values in variables by using Set(a,box1.text) ((where a is the variable name and box1 is the input box) function on navigation to new page ( by putting this in Onselect menu) and then using it in the filter command.
Here is the steps to filter a gallery from the value coming from previous page.
put a button on the screen from where you want the value
on select property of the button put this code
Now on the Items property of Gallery put below code
Filter(datasource,columnToFilter = variableName)
Note that this variableName should be the same as above.
This will filter out your data in gallery.
For your 2nd question:
Create a list in Sharepoint which will have all the questions/fields.
Connect this list to your PowerApps app
insert a form on a screen.
add your Sharepoint list as a data source to the form
insert the button on the same page as form
onSelect property of button put this code

Multi Select List Box Document Property with Search bar enabled

I am working on Multi Select List Box document property with search field.
It works fine when I give any keyword like 'An' it gives me Andorra, Angola, Anguilla etc. I can multi-select all these 3 records and make my underlying data table filtered.
Now the challenge is, if I search for the records that starts with Z in the search bar and click Enter then the above selection is deselected/disappeared (meaning the last search elements alone will be available).
Any ideas on how to make the current selection and newly searched elements available ?
Any inputs and suggestions would be much helpful.
Attached the sample dxp file and screenshots.
I think the filtering you are doing is based on the document property attached to this multi select list box.
You can make another property and attach this value to that doc property, whenever somebody changes this value run an IronPython to append to that doc property.
Give a reset button to clear this value when required

Seadragon(seajax) open specific filterbox after search

In my website i use the seajax pivot viewer to view a large amount of images. So to not search endlessly long for the picture i need i usually use the search box in the view to filter on a specific property of my collection. Now when i press enter it works perfectly and it filters my collection. I could however be possible that multiple properties have the same value so to further filter my search i use the filters beneath the search box. This also works fine.
Now for my question: Is it possible to open such a filterbox after i press enter, so that the specific values for a certain property are shown?
I already took a look at it and i belief that i need to do it in the pivot viewer js, however i cannot find the right way to do it. I could not find anything on stackoverflow about it.
Thank you in advance.

ImageComboBox for VBA Excel

Is it possible to use images inside a ComboBox instead of strings? I've seen post regarding the ImageComboBox control but it seems that I couldn't find any resource how and where to download the said control so I could use it in my project that I'm working on.
Thanks all.
To be able to use the Image Combo Box, you have to do the following:
Insert the control from the Insert menu on the developer tools tab:
If you press the highlighted button, a new menu appears.
Search for "Microsoft ImageComboBox Control, version XX"
Then you are able to insert the desired combobox.

Percentage calculation from infopath to sharepoint

I am a newbie in sharepoint/infopath.
I am trying to edit an existing field in sharepoint which seems to be loaded from infopath.
The flow of the program is as follows:
I open a form (which is integrated using infopath) from sharepoint. The form has some multiple choice questions and at the end there is a submit button. After clicking "submit", I am transferred to a list view which displays the "number of correct answers" and "your percentage" columns (I can have multiple attempts and they are displayed in the list).
I am trying to edit the calculations of the percentage. When I open the infopath form, I can see that there is a field called "Your percentage". I displayed the setting and there is no formula.
Where can I edit that field?
Use the button Rule Inspector to check all the rules cotained on the form, the button is located on the data ribbon:
There you can see all the rules, just look up for the one that calculates the percentage.
Hope this helps.