How do I centrally insert a search bar in a Boostrap navbar? - search

I must centrally insert a search bar in a Navbar of Bootstrap , What should I do?layout
I am trying to structure the attached layout, which concerns a Dashboard.
I have to structure it with Bootstrap.
I expect to replicate this layout.enter image description here


Orchard CMS create theme view for my content type

I am using orchard cms with the bootstrap theme.
I have created a content type: House
it contains FIELDS
image (media picker field)
Property Type (taxonomy field)
Location (taxonomy field)
It has PARTS
publish later
I want queries of houses and be able to choose the view/ layout for them
e.g. layout called HouseList (for sidebars mainly) which will render: title, image and link to house, possible location and type but with out the links as defaulted. And then a fullDetails layout and a image only layout (so i can show a jquery image reel a widget say in a quadzone) How can i do all this please, i have tried in view Content-House.cshtml etc but i cant access the details model.content to choose what to display.
Im sure when i get the idea of how to do 1 i should be able to sort the rest. I have read documentation etc but there are so many different ways, ie placement file, change the parts, contents, create classes to handle display etc. sureley i am missing something simple like create a view for each list i want eg. houue-list, house-details, house-imageONly and then manipulate content.
Please help i have been trying different things for getting this site running for weeks and not getting very far. Examples would be fantastic but i have searched google for hours and found similar but nothing with enough details for a meer beginer.
The standard way of doing that is placement to move things around and alternate templates for the different parts and fields. You can specialize placement and alternates with the display type, which is Summary when rendering in a list such as what a projection returns, and Detail for the detail view. More info on placement can be found here: and on alternates here:
Now if you prefer to completely take over the rendering and do without placement, here are a few posts that may help:

Drupal Menu with Image

I am working in Drupal 6.26 Project.I wanted to know,how to create the menu as in using drupal 6.26. which module is useful. I have used module named megamenu, but that module i cannot upload images and display those images with menu. How to display image with menu name along with readmore?
As in one of my project I have same requirement and I use Menu Icons module.
This module allows you to upload an image in the menu-item's configuration form.
After uploading the image, the icon data will be added to the menu link's
options array.
When a menu link is goes through the theme layer, it will receive an extra
class which by default is used to attach the images as a background image to the
corresponding menu item. These class names are also compatible with Nice Menu's.
Hope you will get what you want.

Placement Position of Content on a Page

I am using Orchard 1.4 and playing around with the Projection Widget.
One thing I am wondering about is how to control the positioning of the content on the Page.
I understand the widgets are placed in the designated zone, but what if I want to put the contents of the projection modules somewhere within the page content?
For Example :
Some Page content here
Projection Module content
Some more Page content here
How do I do that?
You typically use to change the order of parts on the rendered page.

A bit confused with creating custom content parts and placement

I'm trying to create a Custom Part that just drops text into the page. I've created a part using the GUI that I called "Side Feature" and I added a text field called "Featured". I am trying put it on the side bar which I created on my layout, but I don't know how to move it to the sidebar. It shows up on my main content.
How do I move it to the sidebar? I tried using "#Display(Model.Featured)", but that doesn't seem to work. I also read about the file, but I'm not too sure how that would work in this sense.
I couldn't find a tutorial/blog post online similar to this. Most of them were too advanced. I am very new to Orchard.
You can't without code or additional module: sidebar is a zone for widgets, not for content parts. Placement info only works for local zones within the global Content zone.
If you want to do it through code, follow this:
If you want to use a module, look for Origami on the gallery.

How can I use alternate shape templates in different zones on the same page?

I'm trying to create a theme in orchard. I have a main content zone and a sidebar zone which is on the right of my main content area (2 column layout). The main content area displays a list of blog posts (including tags, etc. Standard Orchard behaviour).
In the sidebar I would like to display the recent blog post widgets. However, the standard widget renders tags, published date etc. I do not want to display this information in the sidebar zone.
The placement file does not seem to be the right place to configure this as I can't specifically target the Parts_Tags_ShowTags shape in the sidebar zone. Neither does it seem to be possible to create a new template like Tags.ShowTags-Sidebar.cshtml
Any suggestions on how to modify/hide a shape in one zone on a page but not the other?
You can either use an alternate (shape tracing can help with that) or take this over entirely (see this post for details: