How can i fix ‘noindex’ tag for google search console? - search

Google Search Console detected an issue in my site that is ‘noindex’ tag. How to resolve it?
I did not find any thing to do


google extension - extension does not work after publishing

i have strange problem. When I load my exntesion directly from package everything works but when I add it to chrome from google web store its not working. No errors, no anything.
Can anyone help me with that?

My website load resources from another site

I check Google speed insight and find out that resource of other website is loaded although they are not appear in my website ? And i load the page source code but can't find any related link
Who could explain it for me and tell me some solution, some tips to inspect and resolve the problem.
To Fix all the problems in Google PageSpeed.
Go through Google PageSpeed Insights Rules & Follow all the steps given in the Rules.

Google servers see website differently

I Googled one of our sites today ( and saw that the results where in Chinese. It looks like our site was hacked but I see no traces of that. When opening the site all looks normaal (no Chinese).
On further inspection it seems that Google doesn't see the website correctly:
I cannot verify in Google search console. When I use the meta tag it shows me it detected a completely different tag.
When running pagespeed insight the preview does show Chinese:
Also, when running the site through a proxy it looks completely normal.
Any idea how I can get Google to see my site correctly or what is causing this issue?
I now have access to Google search console and found that someone already had access to the property (2nd user):
I cannot remove the user because it uses a meta tag that google thinks is still in the header but doesn't appear in my code. So I'm still not sure if someone is playing tricks on Google or that we've been actually hacked. Note; nothing has changed on the server itself.
This article describes exactly what's going on; I must say that's an amazing safety fault on Google's part...
I had experienced this issue on one of the site and resubmitted website for review in google webmasters. Search results in google were corrected in couple of days.

Google showing source code

I would like to know why google is showing source code for my site.
Search Google
The site is created in the PHP - Lithium framework. This happened when I added g11n support for language translations.
It usually shows the source of the file
It is showing that code because at the time the page was crawled it was displaying an error, along with a stacktrace and this is what Google indexed.

Google Custom Search Pagination Issue

I have setup google custom search for my site but the resulted pagination it is showing is wrong or buggy. it shows 4 pages in the pagination but when i click on 3rd page the 4th link is gone. Is this a known issue with Google CSE. Has it got any solution
I had this issue too and laughed when I found out this was a "feature" instead of a bug:!category-topic/customsearch/troubleshooting-and-bugs/PngSBJW1Huk
Anyway, this should fix it.