vite can't open webapp running on linux machine from other devices ERR_CONNECTIONS_TIMED_OUT - node.js

I'm building a React web app using vite on my laptop(linux) and trying to access its URL though local network (like http://192.x.x.x:3000 on my computer (windows) or phone(android), but I can't open the page(ERR_CONNECTIONS_TIMED_OUT), also I can't open others projects this way, but I can open that url locally on laptop
When I was using windows 10 on laptop long ago and doing website with gulp I could expose page url the same way and simply open it on phone without any other configurations. So the question is what should I do to configure it properly?


How to convert a Yii2 local website to a desktop executable?

I currently have a local basic Yii2 website with an external database on XAMPP. Is there a way I could convert this application to a native desktop application that can run on Windows and the Linux OS?
I wish to build the desktop app myself and not use automatic builders like Web2Desk
It'll come as an .exe file which can be run to install the app. The app would not need any 3rd-party software (for the database for example). I'm thinking kind of like the Slack desktop application.
Can you please help?

react native windows app not connecting to localhost

I have been working on react-native for windows app the thing is I created a localhost in node.js using express and made api calls from the windows app both the server and app were working fine on my device even after when i created appx bundle file and installed it on my computer then i shared the appx bundle file and my localserver file with my friend and it was causing problem there. Localhost was working fine i could make requests via postman but was not able to do so via the app it gives
Error : Network Error
. I am looking for some help if anyone have any idea about what could be going on.
Note that everything works fine on my development device

Can I host my angular6 web app in MacOs server?

I am newly to host the web application to server. Now I am using macOS Sierra Version 10.12.3. I developed angular6 web application. Can I setup my desktop as macOS server and host my angular web application?
Yes, you can, and not only on the Local Area Network, but on the Wide Area Network. And if you buy a domain name you can attach this name to your server. At the end of the day after you executed 'ng build --prod --aot', everything will be compiled to plain Javascripts just like any other websites regardless of any JS frameworks. Just try to look up on google about hosting a website on MacOS server.

uwp nodejs local site

I build a uwp App with a webview. It loads a nodejs local site at http://127.0.01:81. When I try to load 127.0.01:81 from my uwp App, I have a blank page. When I try to load http://127.0.01:81 directly from chrome, or edge on my w10 pro tablet, it's working.
If I try the uwp App on the pc, where I build the App, it's ok.
Nodejs is correctly install on my w10 pro tablet, but there is something blocked when I try to use it from the uwp App. I try to give all the permissions to the nodejs directory, stop windows firewall, reinstall the tablet but nothing change.
Hello I have found the solution : I have activated the 'Allow local network loopback' on my w10 tab pro with 'Loopback Exemption Manager' downloaded on (check the app name)
On the pc where I build the app in visual studio in the propertie of the project in the 'Debug' section, the option 'Allow local network loopback' is checked. It's why it works on the pc where I build the UWP App...
you should not use the, it only will be used on the same device. in you local, you should use like 192.168....... the local ip of the device you are running on.

Visual Studio 2012 Project: Page cannot be displayed

I have a project which I moved from one computer to the other. The project worked fine on the initial computer but had to get rid of that computer so copied the project folder to the new computer. Now, on runing the project in the new computer, I get a page that give different messages in deferent browsers:
IE: Page cannot be displayed
Chrome: This webpage is not available
Firefox: Firefox failed to establish a connection whith the server at
I run the project using ctrl + F5.
The project is set to use the Local IIS web server (with virtual directory localhost/projectname) and is configured for adfs authentication.
I tried running the project straight from IIS but the same outcome.
I tried creating a blank project a running it on the new machine and all worked well.
How could I fix this please?
The page in question required HTTPS and not HTTP; but I wass missing the IIS binding for HTTPS. I followed the instructions here to create a certificate and binding HTTPS using that certficate; and that solved the issue.